Monday, August 12, 2013

There's Always Something

Like that pop song from back in the day by Naked Eyes;  there's always something there to remind you! 

I stopped!! but I didn't stay long; a fake one lies like Whitey Bulger a moving target is hard to hit!! per the NYPD stop and frisk was easy to find you! its easy to blind you with the lights if your waiting in the dark! 

The machine isn't like the Elon Musk'll grind you up! the apparatus is still hating!! calendars they mark! 

Corporate types wearing oxford shirts and khakis plus wearing Musk cologne had the scoop; but check the information overload; printouts were marked!! data circled in red; collected by contractors of the NSA?

Check the transformation; God is not through with me yet..check the construction site...hard hats with lime green safety vests worn by mechanical contractors;  they don't play! 

As we get with ya!! but gamblers were out for a fast buck...benefactors don't say whats up!!  Robert Mugabe mentioned they didn't say anything about quid pro quo! 

Please!! whose playing a role?  I've been around Hollywood style actors and actresses trying to maintain the so called status quo!

Hottest in the hood per Red Cafe?  ATL players / homies click clacked with Steve Maddens or Stacy Adams with taps on them! 

Whats good?  "honies"  click their heels like Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz!! or maybe The Wiz...wannabe husbands put handcuffs and straps on them! 

Its gotta be good when O-Dizzle puts the blackjack on them to teach them a lesson!

 But the Deliberate Falsehood is there to remind us..the apparatus is stressing! 

Whats the deal with it? whose acting false in the hood? check the status;  God is still in the blessing business! 

Whats the deal with it?  there'll always be something to deal with it!!  but we handle our business!

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