Friday, August 30, 2013

We Kept On Running / The Saga / Struggle Continues

 It got lonely out there!! but we kept on running !! we kept our eyes on the prize! 

Like over in Syria...the danger zone will be jumping!! some will be running out of town like San Diego's Mayor Bob Filner!!  based on somebody's lies! 

Check the mass hysteria!! whose really feeling ya? whats really going on? and where on earth is Carmen San Diego cries the inquiring one? 

Their mind was gone!!  they're crazy..check out how they get down!! some were sick off that Crazy Clown!! check the swag / steelo!! others were juiced up like baseball players!!  the league is suspending or firing one! 

..or maybe two;  act like you knew!! but you really can't front! 

The environment is polluted!! damn!! unlike the NSA or really can't gather or hunt! 

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