Sunday, August 11, 2013

Whats It Do? They're Following The Usual Routines Rites and Rituals

What it do? the saga / struggle continues; the usual routines rites and rituals are followed!

 What it do? a brotha is gonna work it out per Willie Hutch; even though I heard what was said!! that doctrine is not swallowed! 

...came through in the clutch..please!! I wasn't stressed out like Chris Brown;  I never wallowed in the mud like swine! 

...but my hands are who will work with me? as some get down per the Musical the dread passed the Dutch from the left hand side! 

You heard me?  as I Slide like Slave some say I misbehave...I didn't follow instructions! 

You heard me?  like victims of drone strikes in Yemen..I was once caught where to run or hide;  dealing with justice obstructions! 

...just us dealing with the corruptions;  no justice no peace per Trayvon Martin! 

The drama is local like here in the ATL, national like in Idaho or international; even intergalactic ...I was bumping heads with a Plutonian or a Martian! 

Whose acting irrational?  they're Flipping Out...what are they starting? now I see thought and fashion police patrolling! 

Some say its about the cash flow;  so they're selling they're funky frsh in the flesh..I can see how they're rolling! 

Check the regular rotation like corporate radio stations;  as jokers go through their routines rites and rituals! 

Its not that kind of party or occasion!! please!! I'm knowing how the sport will get / how the situation goes!

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