Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Shutdown

There was a glitch in the matrix…then a storm blew through…due to the Grand Trine  in water signs ?   check the  rain / reign of terror…damn!! now the system is shutdown! 

Plus a snitch was faking it….rolling like Bradley Manning…but then they told authorities what was going down!

…..Now others are caught up in the system / matrix due to lack of understanding…the corrupt shut it down!! it looks like somebody pulled the plug! 

Now others are caught up!! even the honey in Atlanta was mad after she pulled a thug! 

Others are caught up;  they needed a hug!!  it seems nobody showed them any love! 

The system shut down on a player..they should’ve gave a pound to a player per Ill Al Scratch…but all they did was push and shove!
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