Sunday, August 18, 2013

Low Key PT.2 / Keeping A Low Profile

I was told to keep a low profile...damn!!  that's my style anyway!

It was like the New York stop and friskers...I spotted the thought and fashion police on the can go down any day!

 Damn!!  I'm an old school  multi-tasker...shaved off the gray whiskers...but  just trying to play my position!!  I'm only five-eight so I don't post up against big Shaq or Dwight Howard! 

Even though Olajuwon said Dwight Howard is still raw..but whats up y'all? I'm sliding into the Buick Lucerne with ease;  didn't squeeze in  the Buick Lacrosse like Shaq!! as I bring it back...I'm rolling down I-20 in Atlanta...chilling out!!  I roll things back like so called Wal-Mart prices ...but check the crisis like Egypt..I'm knowing how ugly the last hour can get! 

Not acting brand new with it!!  knowing how foul it can get!! I had to tell some it is what it is! 

Not acting brand new with it!!  still all about this breakbeat scientific business! 

Some know what deal is!!  they know what the style is!! I'm a Midwest bruh down here in the ATL!

Some know what the real is!! keeping a low profile is essential during the ongoing Yemen style chaos and confusion!!  its easy to fail! 

Some might be able to feel this; even though everybody ain't able to see the the style is intergalactic! we proceed and continue!! keeping a low profile!! one step ahead of a fanatic!

Low key with it ..per James Brown jokers bring Static that'll cling...nefarious ones try to act like they know ya...

Low key with it...jokers play games...I see how they get down...venomous like a snake..a King Cobra...

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