Friday, August 30, 2013

They Had Issues

Using a fresh view / fresh vision to look at things;  I see everybody ain't able! 

Some front!!  funky fresh in the flesh!! but they had issues ....everybody ain't stable! 

They swallowed the doctrine / they believed the fable;  some even signed the contract..soon found out it was null and void! 

O-Dizzle followed through!! he rocked them!! whose unstable?  O-Zone wasn't paranoid!

It's like the danger zone?  there's a void;  peace was no where to be found! 

Check the mass hysteria...a drone will hit you up like its Yemen;  but were not through dealing!!  we hit you up with the sound! 

That's the deal man!!  that's why were chilling!!  low key with it!!  I can see these others have issues!

Keeping it real man!!  but dealing with it!! like M23 rebels in the Congo these brothas felt the pressure! 

Keeping it real man? I see ya in the Jordan's No. 23...the Jumpman's!! but the apparatus had a test for ya;  can you jump over the hurdles...who can really pass it? 

Check the status as we drop this breakbeat science;  we even had a class for it!

Meanwhile its like Egypt...those that have issues will blast for it!! what? peace!! checking out the chaos and confusion...using a fresh view and fresh vision to interpret the weird signs! 

Whats up with another?  the by product revealed twisted  /weird minds!

Whats up with another? they had officials were faking the coin toss;  but check the status..I'm rocking mine!!  but whispers  and sideways glances show the disapproval! 

Acting like they knew a bruh...shaking off the paranoia;  spotted the jokers act brand new with a bruh! they were taking the wrapper off...but with this math? I get off!! but I was on some "other other" because another had issues...they tried to project them on to me...
Dangerous like Michael Jackson mentioned!! I wrote this on his birthday; this is for those who wonder whats up with me!!

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