Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fantasy / Reality Mashups PT.2

DJ O-Dizzle is doing the Perseid meteor shower he's dropping this...this is the remix!!  check out this fantasy / reality mash-up! 

Breakbeat science is what a brotha kicks!! at the last hour? some had to pull out the credit or debit card....we were over paying dues; we had to put the cash up! 

Reality and fantasy clash up in this piece like it was Iraq!! like when good and evil collide! 

Reality and fantasy conducted classes; what was the lesson? sometimes good and evil coincide! 

The system gets foul with me!! you know a devil's advocate co-signed it!!  they thought I was criminal minded I had been blinded per Boogie Down Productions! 

Caught up in the I was on Ecstasy..check the orgasms because its next to me!!  soon going down because of the corruptions! 

As realities and fantasies mash-up; like mold because of rain in organisms were created due to the synthesis! 

Check the fresh view and fresh vision..multi-colored like looking through prisms!!  check the photosynthesis!

But NSA Prism programs will take a census;  so like my blog on Word Press..whats really going on? 

How did some play?  whatcha knowing? I'm getting muscle spasms from this blue collar work;  rebuking hustle knocking going down in this danger zone!

Damn man!! some ask me what am I on? please!! these breakbeat scientific studies will spread like wildfires in California.. 

Damn man!! who will understand this man? when fantasy and reality is mashed the garage O-Dizzle has breakbeats stashed I got my mind right after West Coasting...chilling out in Oakland California...

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