Friday, August 23, 2013

The Meal

Jokers were eating good in the neighborhood!!  like they were at Applebee's!

Workers let go because of Obamacare?  word from Forever 21? they go there..soon victimized by the Deliberate Falsehood;  whats good?  check these clearance rack epiphanies! 

Who kicked those lies?  as they go there..there the ones acting false in the hood!! chef's in hells kitchen seasoned the food!

Actually...they threw salt into the game!! but maybe some needed seasoning..I see some are acting a damn fool! 

Word from San Diego Mayor Bob Filner...whats the deal bruh? some are too damn cool for school!! next thing you know their flow is messed up!

Whats the deal bruh? who dipped with Carmen SanDiego?  please!  they'll get 30 months in prison like Jesse Jackson Jr..damn!! now that's messed up! 

The flow was messed up!! now some are stressed up in this piece! 

Whatcha know?  God is still in the blessing business!! so were blessed up in this piece! 

But still tested up in this piece!! like the Muslim Botherhood in Egypt...whats the deal with it? the devil stays active!

Theres always something or somebody that'll mess up the flow!!  damn!! it's gotta be good!! so I kept my eye on a devils advocate!

So..we came back with it...didn't eat the meal prepared by those chef's in hell's kitchen...

So..we came back with the old school hip hop cliche...keeping it how were these others living? 

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