Saturday, August 24, 2013

The I-20 Chronicles / We're Rolling But Still Off By A Few Degrees

Check these I-20 Chronicles...dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...just trying to get back in sync...I was off by a few degrees!

West Coasting down I-80 / 580 / 880 in Oakland has thrown me off!!! calibration is needed!!  but the foul situation impeded progress;  but like Martin Luther King III told 50th anniversary March on Washington celebraters...the fight must go on...whose stressed?  please! 

Now the West Coast in dealing with Yosemite go wild on the umpires...whose bragging or boasting? Kings and Queens of drama royalty? there was a caste of thousands!!  extras were even hired like Hollywood or even down here in Georgia! 

The podcast blasted the brand new funk!! after observing the scene?  O-Zone has this good word for ya!

In the meantime and between time bombs blast like were over in Cairo Egypt!!  whats the deal with it?  danger zones are local,  national,  international or intergalactic! 

Stormtroopers hired by the federation were acting irrational!! like they're enforcing the New York Stop and Frisk law...just like a fanatic! 

Storms come through!! its hard to recoup!!  the reign began with a drizzle! 

Act like you knew or get duped!!  now all hopes, plans, and dreams just fizzle! 

Whats the dizzle?  chaos and confusion was blamed on the second Full Moon in Aquarius on August 20! 

Whats the dizzle?  we crossed the border..cruising through the galaxy..not fooling with a nefarious one!!  saying they're all about the money!

Dipping down I-20 ...soon riding through Buckhead after dipping through Bankhead aka Donald L Hollowell Parkway.. I'm off by a few degrees but I'm still ten steps ahead! 

Going off!!   please don't start the revolution without me!!  that was word from the dread!

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