Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hubble Telescope Type Fresh View / Fresh Vision

 Peeping game like the Hubble I scope thought and fashion police setting up roadblocks and checkpoints;  they disturb the flow! 

They disturb the groove like that cut by the System;  plus reality checkpoints per Logistics are the business...word from these mystics?  they'll see if your in the know! 

Scenes are observed....the systems moves are clocked just like NSA was clocking us! 

Fresh and clean ones per OutKast swerved down here in Atlanta!! get your hustle on!!  but whose knocking us? 

Hustle and flow like Terrance Howard?  or even posted up like Dwight Howard in Houston..down on the block?

.....or flowing like Shaq trying to squeeze in the Buick Lacrosse;   ....boundaries and borders we we rock! 

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