Saturday, August 17, 2013

Running Through A Gauntlet

Whats the deal?  how does the corporal punishment  feel?  its like were running through a gauntlet! 

Was it real? hazed like FAMU band members? now  the suspension is over…though…now some turn their swag on even though theyre stressed; damn!!  they’re bragging and boasting!!  they fronted and flaunted!

Whats the deal? please!!  we “got out minds right ” ….amazed while West Coasting!!  of course it was after we hunted and gathered!

Whats the deal? we “got our minds right” the question;  to blessed to be stressed?  now collecting thoughts that were scattered!

Earlier? it was like we were in Cairo Egypt… we were bruised and battered like Cam McDaniel at Notre Dame… due to running through the gauntllet!

We cruised through the galaxy!!  smooth like Karo Syrup….thats whats up!!  its  like we were really doing something!!  but the house was haunted!

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