Sunday, August 11, 2013

God Doesn't Like Ugly

 Damn!! so how were we trying to act?  like Donald Trump talking junk...knowing damn well  God doesn't like ugly! 

So I'm trying to clean up my act; beats thump in the hooptie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta...but usual laying low is where a brotha will be! 

That's whats up with me!! peeping game...checking the  reflections or deflections when the clock read 11:11 am and 1:11 pm!

 That's whats up with me!! spotted mechanical contractors with lime green safety vests, hard hats, blue collars, bulldozers and other earth moving will be ongoing!! God is not through with me yet!! so you can say I'm all in! 

Observing the scene...ready to roll!! even though corruption was the business as usual!!  all up in the spot / the house!!   like where our spirits and souls are! 

Residing in our physical frames!! now humans play games... per Mike Vick fighting for his job per the football season starting...or epitomizing what Hollywood roles are? 

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