Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We Thought We Had Something PT.6

 Please!!  we were Cavalier like Cleveland when they had Lebron ...we thought we had something! 

We had no fear...please believe!!  like ATLiens we might smash and grab something!

 O-Dizzle is in the lab working on a little something / something; but not like Walter White...from Breaking Bad...as we get breakbeat scientific with it! 

Whats the dizzle?  like Syria using chemical weapons... breaking bad...jokers wanted something!!  now they'll have to deal with it!

Some will get whats coming to them; damn!!  that karma is something else! 

Greedy ones  get what they wanted; Lamar Odom style!!   now they want something else!
Random Thoughts From A Brotha: We Thought We Had Something PT.6

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