Friday, August 30, 2013

The Flow PT.2 (We're Trying To Keep It Going)

Checking out the flow as the rain was another rainy night in Georgia! 

Per Brook Benton...whats up? whats the deal man? was it due to the summer  Grand Trine in water signs?  check the flow..whatcha know about Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer?

O-Dizzle is the funky in a minute we'll be Right On Time per the Brothers Johnson;  check how the sport will go! 

Check the crisis / mass hysteria...its like Egypt or even Syria..who has the answers?  damn!  who really knows how the sport will go? 

Listening to Nights Over Egypt by Incognito...trying to be the hooptie cruising down I-20 in Atlanta;  some will try to start with a bro! 

It'll be Oops Upside The Head like the Gap payoffs like NFL players for the concussion...but rights and privileges are threatened by thought and fashion police;  just check out the flow! 

Documents are shredded due to the Edward Snowden discussion!! hard drives destroyed!! like at the Guardian;  stormtroopers?  the apparatus is deploying them! 

Were rocking it!!  check the sessions...funk is embedded in our spirits!! hard drives like Lebron and D Wade to the hoop!!  the opposition?  were destroying them! were annoying them and those who mess up the flow; we kept slapping them upside the head with the Sonic Blackjack!

Jokers will get 35 years like Bradley Manning for lacking understanding!!  the apparatus will hold you back! championships like Peyton or Eli Manning!!  the flow will be messed up! 

Who understands this?  as we put it down like this!!  reality and fantasy are mashed up!

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