Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Whose Fair With This? PT.2

Damn!! like Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian..some are asking;  whose fair with that or this? whose fair in these sports? 

Jokers in the Red Toyota Camry truth or dared us on Glenwood Rd in Decatur; damn!!  I had to crash in a ditch!! up in the spot other jokers snitch like dude that was chilling in the Russian airport!

....like Edward Snowden;  so whatcha knowing? please!!  even like that Bradley Manning dude a joker will run and tell it for the right price!

Whatcha knowing? Alex Rodriguez types are asking whose fair in these sports?  it ain't nothing nice!

From OJ running through airports to running up in hotels to get old trinkets;  paying the price is the outcome! 

..To Asiana Airlines crashing in San Francisco Airports..all the way to Sisqo with blond hair singing about thongs...all up in these sports;  check the outcome! 

Whose fair with this? this is wrong...so this Asiatic bruh takes it there like that old Staples Singers song! 

Back with it!!  like championship banners in the Staples Center;  would that be wrong? 

How long has the madness been going on?  what did these folk need from me? 

Heard the bell ringing;  opening doors..damn!! is this what I need to see? 

Is this where I need to be?  the mothership has landed on earth; knowing these folk arent fair with this! 

......as we proceed and continue;  haters will truth or dare this!

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