Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Perspective

Inquiring minds question the style / swag / steelo;  they ask..whats up with this Negro? actually the way I move is based on a Louisville  / Newburg perspective! 

Swerving!!  but not with the Robin Thicke / Miley Cyrus / Justin Timberlake mess / twerkfest...mostly staying in my lane.. Negro please!! I'm  just trying to maintain..but still disrespected!

Observing the scene...at the I-285 Flea Market over in Decatur..some were sick...the style was Air Force Ones or Timberlands that were fake...now some are waiting in the dark...staying in pain..tripped up by the little things....

Observing the scene;  part of the solution or part of the problem? playing a part in it...I'm soon playing my role in the big picture by doing the so called little things! 

Per Virgo season..but not serving the the obscene as they plot and scheme..bad cards are dealt...they're just gamblers out for a fast buck! 

From the First Coast down in Jax to the ATL!! on over to Charlotte..were in the Bible Belt!!  God blesses!! its not about luck! 

In the heart of it!!  even the stock market is sweating Syria..but its not odd..the apparatus stresses us!!  then it wants us to forget about it!

Its not odd!! check the mass hysteria when movies like The Help and The Butler are there to remind you;  so there'll be no doubt about it! 

Its not odd!!  I had my doubts about it....I couldn't work with the collective! 

Its not odd!!  based on the Louisville / Newburg default settings I had another perspective! 

I disconnected from the mainframe;  now I'm just trying to maintain and make advances! 

Disrespected when gains are made?  like Tyler Perry vs Oprah and Lee Daniels...I  heard the whispers plus  spotted the sideways glances! 

Deals go sideways / circumstances are debatable;  are we being built or torn down? 

Told big homie its all about perspective!!  ignoring player haters!!  they won't turn the level of scorn down!

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