Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Caught In A Moment Of Time (The Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

                      *critical stages of development*

Might have caught me stressing; heard me cursing talking about it's a Terrible Tuesday..

Might have caught me giving thanks for the blessing, damn!! like Ohio State winning the championship it's a Terrific Tuesday!!

Might Have *Caught Me Dreaming*  as a brotha gets breakbeat scientific similar to SpaceX rocket launches; I'm thinking of a better way...

Might Have *Caught Me Dreaming*  rocking out using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision everyday in every way;  thinking of a better day...

Caught some plotting and scheming  concerning Charlie Hebdo; and other matters...so what it do?  who's getting in the way of progress?

Caught some trying to stop this embellishment; Charlies and One Adam 12's devils advocates?  Break The Spirit? stop the process?

Process Of Scheduling The Pain and Pleasure of life? so called weathermakers bring the reign; who's Caught In A Moment Of Time?

During the process? *Might Have Caught Me Dreaming* thinking of a better time..

Blue Collar style with the plots and schemes of making it to a better time!!  life is a marathon and I'm running it like Kenyans; Feeling We're Worthy Of Better Than This....

What To Do With This Knowledge? please!! the mothership gets good mileage!! so we Manifest That Worthiness!!

As We Work This; Caught In A Moment Of Time But This Is No Elaborate Fantasy;  plus we're Not Torn Apart By Confusion From Emotions; so some won't understand me...

As We Work This; We were caught up but we were wise to the set up; like Chuck Connors haters wanted to Brand Me..

Make demands of me; fall in line / conform..but not the norm..not with this...

Please!!! they can't Stop This Mission!! It's Full Of Spiritual Significance!!

Caught Me Dreaming / Caught In A Moment Of Time; Feeling Like I Can Do Better Than This!!

Ready To Roll!!! I'm On My Way During These Critical Stages Of Development; As We Manifest That Worthiness..


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