Friday, December 18, 2015

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT. 10 (Dealing With Technical Difficulties)

 What it do? technical difficulties try to interfere with these electronic thoughts transfer. 

Who'll question the abilities?  they'll try espionage per the Bernie Sanders campaign data breach;  they'll try to reign like Manhattan Transfer.

 Doctor Manhattan or the music group?  man please!! it's like Golden State Warriors we'll put the ball in the hoop!! we get scientific like Star Wars The Force Awakens when we take it there...

  ....maybe even the Manhattan Project but the defense will object!! now technical difficulties have us out here trying to recoup!! was it similar to Chinese cyber-espionage when they go there? 

So called pundits and so called experts concur, confer:   meanwhile the customer service representative transferred me to the collections department.

How ironic!!  collection activities are escalated / conducted like police raids on inner city projects, as I gather these thoughts per danger zone activities:  oh yes!!  I'm in the heart of it. 

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