Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Once Again It's On!! / Another HumpDay Extravaganza!!

 Once again it's on!! this is another HumpDay Extravaganza!! check us out, as we put it down like this!! hopefully we don't contribute to the confusion of the world!! it's not an information overload...

Once again it's on!! we're humping blue collar style, somebody might understand a brotha it's a big world!!  somebody might have found this, as they can see we're in breakbeat scientific mode...

Otherwise? they're out here jumping around for a dollar!!  or they were mesmerized by the GOP Debate, Trump? Cruz or Rubio? they might even tell you their candidate was impressive..

The wise and otherwise will oppose you like like Tom Wine and  Louisville / Jefferson County Prosecutors vs Judge Olu Stevens,  even Dr. Boyce Watkins mentioned they oppose you for what you believe in!! oh yes!! they'll stress it...

It's no surprise the devil will oppose, I even felt the pressure!!! dipped from Louisville, now I'm down here in Atlanta / Dekalb County where it's the same game but different players..

In pursuit of the so called prize? the pressure defense will be like old school Las Vegas Running Rebels or Arkansas Razorbacks with Nolan Richardson; did you get the gist of it son? same game but different players.

In pursuit of the so called prize? like Chicago blacksites or police shootings incidents weren't reported, so what's up with it ? no true figures for the drama?

Immigrants were deported, but some slip back in per fiance visas and wreak havoc in San Bernardino, who knew how the sport would get? I tried to tell some it's complex but they didn't hear me!! now I'm checking out the view, the panorama.

Militants make a sport of it!!  repercussions felt after terroristic threats were backed up / manifested.

Chefs busy in Hells Kitchen? meals made of this by those power hungry!!  old girl at the old school Baptist church said the devil never rested.

Meals? who blessed them? plus I noticed these punishment gluttons didn't back away from the buffet, they were obese!! they were full!!

Executives chill, they'll make money off the transactions then they'll post the profits offshore, knowing anybody turning the dial or pressing the button was a fool.

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