Thursday, December 31, 2015

Taking The Next Step PT.4 (Hitting The Reset Button)

 2015 is over with!! now we're taking the next step; I'm back on default settings after hitting the reset button...

How was I living?  I didn't step to my left or right in the name of love per R Kelly, coping strategies fail me!! soon I was caught up in the system / matrix but I escaped it!! now I'm trying to regain my equilibrium.....

How was I living? I told you I'm trying to regain my equilibrium!!  but damn!!! I'm seeing and knowing too much!!!

...for my own damn good plus I'm too damn hood!! told to let go of preconcieved notions!! like drugs when narcs kick the door in?  down the toilet they should be flushed.

Previous episodes in life? we rushed the natural process!!  plus rainmakers brewed elixirs and potions so what's up? now some are are geeked up, caught up in these games!!

Seeing that this is a world of trouble like Lou Rawls said, now ashy in need of lotion after ashes from Dubai skycrapers and other explosions has structures engulfed in flames...

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