Sunday, December 13, 2015

Some Wonder What The Deal Is PT. 3 (Still Explaining It To Them)

 This is how it's going down, for those who were wondering what the deal is...

I know, it's taking a minute or two!!  no 13 second knockouts like Conor McGregor vs Jode Lado, so whatcha know? reality will show you what the real is...

Somebody might be able to feel this, O-Dog will rock out plus O-Zone will keep explaining things to them..

Not claiming my judgement is better than anyone elses like Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz; out on I-20 in Atlanta I still cruise, in inclement weather I see the system is still reigning on them... 

I'm not judging them or those as evil is gaining on them on this Sunday morning or whenever while running from the devil per the Ohio Players track that bumped!! 

What's up with them? some were competitive like Ohio players at  the Crosstown Shootout 2015 between Cincinnati and Xavier check out the behavior, but busters and marks will be flabberghasted / stumped... 

Some wonder what the deal is, but soon they'll find out what the real is as we *burn baby burn*  this disco inferno will be beneficial to the masses.

All up in the house?  Oh Yes!! some will find out what the real is as they get housed. / rocked during seminars and classes.

All up in the house? Oh Yes!! we're revoking ghetto passes when the funk is dropped like a bomb in Syria by Great Britain..

What's up yall? Left the house, now rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, you have to get up early in the morning like the Gap Band to understand this man.

What's up man? that's what they asked this brotha, as some wonder what the deal is; I'm still explaining it to them..

What's up man? somebody just might be able to feel this but others are still caught out there in the inclement weather, it's raining on them!!

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