Friday, December 18, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles / The Change Of Scenery Didn't Change What It Means To Me

Check out these I-20 Chronicles:  like Large Hadron Collider studies breakbeat scientific business is still going down, but I had to change the scenery. 

Still in Atlanta, an updated version of a Freedom Rider, but yesterday I was out there off I-75 instead of I-20!!  but it didnt change what it all means to me. 

I understand another:  they say it's all about the money!! the Wu Tang Album was not seized by authorities  but per Martin Shkreli the by any means necessary strategy was utilized. 

I understand another:  after observing the scenery, I heard the ear shattering gunshots that banged!! victims of the apparatus?  they were brutalized. 

The pain is excruciating!!! I wasn't surprised, this brotha even felt the pressure. 

The structure was deteriorating, soon it was engulfed in flames!! Northside / Eastside / Southside / Westside?  actually worldwide!!  the apparatus will test ya. 

Juries were still out deliberating but I can tell you the devil and his advocates won't bless ya!!  it'll be like game recognizing game per Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin!  the drama was even intergalactic. 

Next level manuevers are undertaken,  but in these games? it's like Cruz vs Rubio!!  hustles will get knocked by a fanatic. 

The Force Awakens per Star Wars as we try to heal the scars: let the healing process begin!! 

Rolling down I-75 in Atlanta, soon out in *ClayCo*  aka Clayton County trying to avoid the Hunger Game Peacekeeper bounty!! we're shaking things up with the change of scenery, but sticking to the original plan that's part of a bigger one per what it all means to me!!  we're still trying to win. 

Breaking things up!!  beats and English? oh yes!!  breakbeat scientific business is still going down!!  the I-75 change of scenery was an inspiration. 

Breaking things up!!  but soon back on I-20,  we continue this breakbeat scientific litigation. 

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