Monday, December 14, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (From The EastSide To The WestSide)

This is how it's going down; like Obama vs ISIS we're peeping game from Conyers to the West End. 

The I-20 Chronicles are going down!! O-Zone is not sleeping in the game, plus he didn't  abandon his post like Bowe Bergdahl so God continued to bless him. 

So!! after being on point like a bird dog he blessed them and those with this good word,  plus the funky sound

Devils stressed him per the show of force!! like in Geneva security heightens due to so called terror threats, but that's how some get down. 

Next levels tested him!! Geneva Convention rules not followed?  they tried to see if I belong,  plus traffic was heavy!! it's like this traffic on highways in Atlanta, check out the rush hour stacks..

I'm out here on I-20 trying to dodge McGruff crime prevention tactics!!  Wal Mart and Swift trucks zoom by,  plus I spotted old school pimps in Cadillacs. 

So Ruff So Tuff by Roger and Zapp played in the background!! oh yes!! they still rocked it!! for the money?  some move swiftly!!  I see how they act...

We haven't had enough!! new school pimps rolled by in Dodge Chargers!! from drug sales to strong arm robbery I see how they act.

Product is on the track;  busters / marks /  new school fools charge this to the game,  or to stolen credit cards.

Some spots? conduct is lame!!  too cool for school? some dudes rocked buns in their hair, probably singing falsetto like El DeBarge. 

Conducting myself in an orderly fashion,  but with thought and fashion police?  I'm still clashing. 

I-20 Chronicles are still blasting!!  from the EastSide to The WestSide!! per Sonic Assaults,  this good word and funky beats?  I'm still stashing. 

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