Sunday, December 20, 2015

See Something? Say Something!!

 Due to terror threats security heightens, check out the show of force!! authorities beseech you;  they ask if you see something? say something!! 

History repeats itself, even with the Star Wars The Force Awakens!! on this Sunday morning the preacher will try to reach you; he said if you want to see something? you'll have to pray about something!!

History repeats itself; Easy like Sunday Morning per the Commodores?  fake ones await you behind and beyond church doors!! damn!! ain't that something?

Plus an entity defeats itself, glitches in the DNC  database / matrix have Bernie Sanders campaigners faking it, like Michael Jackson *they wanna be startin somethin

Damn!! ain't that something? I see something, so I'll say something about others that are caught up in the system / matrix, some can't take it!! they were told to wait on the Lord and be of good courage!!

Damn!! ain't that something? using a Fresh View / Fresh Vision I see something, so I'll say something with this Sonic Assault even though devil's advocates, plus the thought and fashion police will try to discourage...

What's the Good Word? due to experience old dude saw something so he just had to say something!! of course per Psalm 27:14 he said wait on the Lord and be of good courage!!

You heard? but due to inexperience the young dude saw something so he just had to say something!!  now peeps in the hood we're heard saying snitches get stitches or end up in ditches like this cat I knew up in Louisville / Newburg!! with the apparatus? I didn't merge!!  I keep Moving Forward, *Using Maximum Strength and Supreme Courage*

Actually? Supreme Courage and Maximum Strength is how the O-Dog track goes, based on seeing things and saying things with the music, somebody can use it!! but I kept running into cowards!! hiding, then dipping just as soon as the drama jumps off..

Others are riding on the storm,  like the Doors / Jim Morrison!! meanwhile after I see something I say something!!  I keep drumming / banging on the piano until an epiphany jumps off..

Colliding during the storm? good and evil face off,  check the scores on the network news!!  now authorities ask us; if we see something? say something!!

Freedom riding during the storm?  it still goes down as we go off!! but price gouging per jokers like  Martin Shkreli and  Turing Pharmaceuticals is the norm!! to see something? we'll have to pray about something..

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