Sunday, December 13, 2015

Electronic Thoughts Transfer PT.9

 Its going down!!  using the iPhone 5 to transfer these thoughts electronically. 

No iPhone 6 not yet,  danger zone business has me broke but I still pay attention:  this is what the response will be. 

What's the deally?  Oh!!  I-20 Chronicles are still going down,  that's what I'm on! 

..Also rolling down the information highway;  sometimes at the crossroads/  intersection where scattered thoughts and words of wisdom collide!!  once again it's on!!

 O-Zone was not a clone,  an original man and extraordinary one.

Not bragging or boasting;  please!! from the Charleston church shootings  to Laquan McDonald in Chicago  the apparatus is toasting and roasting;  that makes me a revolutionary one! 

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