Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Engulfed In Flames PT. 4 (Inflammatory Remarks?)

 So what's up? I'm putting it down like this while I had a moment or two. 

Oh!!  it's going down!!  games are still being played by that evil opponent of you. 

....and me; they want to see us engulfed in flames, they don't want to see us get free and stay free, which is hard to do on this earth!!  I noticed it after the mothership parks

The endeavor went up in flames,  soon I was banned from Blogster and Facebook!! I wasn't shady like Tashfeen Malik on Facebook,    but when a brotha gets scientific?  they said I made inflammatory remarks. 

Branded Like Chuck Connors? street games from a mobster?  face to face with a crook?  a revolutionary who sparks the chaos and mayhem? 

Alt shift delete in these games / engulfed in flames for being a bum standing at the crossroads / intersection of scattered thoughts and words of wisdom with a poster that says keep praying? 

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