Monday, December 21, 2015

Getting Breakbeat Scientific (Winter Solstice Edition)

I may have mentioned before:  its rough out here!! life is hectic

Paid attention,  even though I'm broke financially / spiritually and in other ways!! on earth?  it's expected!!

Praying is how I make it;  the funk?  I didn't fake it!!  let the music play. 

...Per Barry White;  as the Winter Solstice Gateway opens up?  I drop insight, during this ongoing frey. 

Per Martin Shkreli and Turing Pharmaceutical price gouging it was hard to pay the price. 

Routines rites and rituals by habituals?  per Clark Howard warnings  about rip-offs and price gouging *it ain't nothing nice*

Insights dropped by the sign over by the QT aka  Quik Trip on Wesley Chapel Road? it said repent today!! think about the price you'll have to pay in the future. 

Some flipped out during this spiritual warfare but This Call Of Duty Black Ops move aka breakbeat scientific venture might have a clue for ya. 

Some dipped out, crashed out on the Las Vegas Strip like Lakeisha Holloway!! was it due to the seasons / reasons change?  acting brand new with ya per this Winter Solstice? 

Treasons / reasons change per the latest episode; the wrong champion will be crowned like Steve Harvey at Miss Universe, now somebody wants to cuss or curse!!  now I wonder where the soul is!

How I roll is under scrutiny, some act brand new with me when I get breakbeat scientific....

...Right here at the Winter Solstice; we're caught in a moment of time during this critical stage of development...

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