Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Engulfed In Flames PT.8

I was swimming with the class that's deep!! oh yes!! I learned the golden rule with them, but I found out the material was gold plated..

It was like swap meet or flea market jewelry, those that were asleep act brand new with me after they're awakened!! greetings were belated...

O-Dog dropped heat on them now the structure is engulfed in flames!! diplomatic immunity was exercised, now like Star Wars the Force Awakens...

Wall Street owns Puerto Rico by default? oh yes!! corrupt ones run games, but I'm not surprised by these jokers faking..

Alt shift delete on HP keyboards by Matrix Architects? so what's up with it? the structure is now engulfed in flames!! for insurance claims? the value is overstated..

Out in the street?  you'll get played like Cleanthony Early!! late or early? we're  Dealing With The Madness!!  caught up in these games!! I dipped for a minute but now I'm back with this!!  damn it gets old!!  I'm not a fool, I know we're still hated...

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