Monday, December 14, 2015

We Thought We Were Doing Something PT .4

So what’s up? we thought we were doing something, like down here in Atlanta but it was a rough weekend..

San Antonio Spurs come to town and jack up the Hawks, while the Falcons go to the Queen City of Charlotte and get gaffled by the Carolina Panthers; the outlook? a bleak one!!

I’m not mad though, I  was previously on a mission up in Charlotte, a spot I usually chill in!! you might spot me on Tryon Street or Beatties Ford Road…

I’m still on a mission, I’m in the heart of it, but not trying to out-brag or out-boast anyone like Donald Trump, some will be stumped by the information overload…

As we proceed and continue to Move Forward, We Sacrificed  we can’t pause with it; this Sonic Assault (the good word and funky sound)  is straight from The Ark of the Covenant..

As we proceed and continue to Move Forward;  this *ain’t nothing nice*  earth is a ball of a confusion as previously mentioned by The Temptations!!  in The Mothership?  I’m trying to rise above it..

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