Saturday, December 12, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles (Still Out Here Doing What I Do)

 We were rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, oh yes!! this business is official as we do what we do!! It's going down from the West End to out in Conyers!!

Similar to the Crosstown Shootout in Cincinnati between UC and Xavier, but we're exhibiting breakbeat scientific behavior; what's the response to this? 

Pull the loot out? you know what it is? across town in Cincinnati on Redding Road that's the behavior, but I'm further down I-75, down here in Atlanta...

Who's acting cute out here? trying a little tenderness like Otis Redding, until they get ripped off by these earthlings; damn!! where did the mothership land a brotha? 

Who will root out the evil ones? agreements were made at the Paris Climate Change Confererence but that's another dimension...

We aren't the ones!! climate change? global warming? we're  still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta on a 70 degree day in December: Centennial Olympic Park is where we were chilling...

20th year anniversary of the Centennial Olympics approaching, meanwhile jokers are approaching check out the dynamics!! shadetree mechanics try to tighten screws, but they're not down with Mr. Goodwrench.

Adversity is introduced by fanatics!! please!! things are tight!!  who'll come through in the clutch / in the clinch?

During adversity anniveraries I did the knowledge: I saw the mathematics aren't right!! who tampered with the figures while goons and henchmen show support?

Who will work with me? rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but it's like I'm back from across the universe with this Intergalactic style!! Breakbeat Scientific?  thats how I play the sport.

Others try to play me close in this sport like I was Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors;  I play them like a government official.

I'll neither confirm nor deny!! please!! why ask why?  we continue to do what we do!! this brotha has been official. 

Check out O-Dogs Doing What I Do Mix!!

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