Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Saga / Struggle Continues / It's An Uphill Struggle

Whats the deal? check us out ...were all up in these spots...these venues! 

Whats the deal? the climate is either hot like the Mojave in July or unstable like Tropical Storm Beryl....the saga / struggle continues! 

What was on those menus? what kind of meals did some eat?  now the spot gets blown up!!! Lysol is mixed with the funk! 

The verdict?  the apparatus will render; who stands their ground? like Florida or even Arizona? please!! spots get sown up like a seamstress or tailor; but they'll tell ya they just got drunk!

A player tried the slam dunk; he got it blocked!! then he got boxed out like he was going against Junior Dos Santos...he couldn't get up...he was out of shape!

The saga / struggle continues; it's an uphill struggle...but will miracles be performed..who will don the superman cape? 

Rolling with G-O-D? miracles get performed...things get done...were getting down like James Brown!!  get the cape out...Bobby Byrd said we know you got soul! 

As we put it down like this; whats the word on the are you trying to roll?

That's what they ask a bro...we told them the saga / struggle continues...but the uphill struggle continues....

As we proceed and continue...avoiding chefs from hell's kitchen preparing their ill menus... 


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