Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The Saga / Uphill Struggle Continues

The saga / uphill struggle continues like the goat climbing to the top of the mountain! 

Capricorn season...even stelliums are going down as I write these quotes!! plus O-Dizzle brings the sound..once again! 

Once again we interrupt very briefly; stalking Garnett like Anthony;  making jokers put up or shut up!! some jokers weren't doing anything anyway! 

So whats up? they were up in Louisville standing around on that same corner;  plotting and scheming on somebody to play!

Tall weeds grow around them....they'll probably cut them; then get some Zig Zags...roll them up and burn them! 

True indeed!! they might go get some Mr. Miyagi or some other synthetic marijuana to mix with it;  or maybe bath salts!! lessons?  they learn them! 

True indeed!!  whose sympathetic?  you wanna bet nobody is?  like we know some aren't feeling sorry for Hugo Chavez....doing the math taught us about cosmic karma;  you earn them..what?  the blessings!

True indeed!!  as I bring it back cuz!  intergalactic with the cosmic slop; connecting dots...I wasn't really digressing! 

Due to the deliberate falsehood or lie some are stressing; old girl in Decatur said they're worried about the wrong thing!

ATL wannabe macks and divas get hit up by a hater like it was Zero Dark Thirty...finding out they're in the wrong game!

Re-manufactured due to the gastric bypass..others had a hunch..waiting in the dark...you heard me? then rolling in the wrong lane...missed the exit to the bypass or turnpike! 

Souls fractured!! the saga / uphill struggle continues; but I learned how to fix things..dipped when jokers were fragging; plus fracking wasn't going down per Matt Damon as I climb the mountain;  I knew that wouldn't turn out right!

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