Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Aint Nobody Got Time For That PT.2

As we proceed and continue; were all up in the spot!!  they had us on hold like we were on the Carnival Triumph ....standing in line for that! 

True indeed!! every possible obstacle was present!!  but we'll prevail..we'll chaos?  please!! ain't nobody got time for that! 

The mission impossible Ethan Hunt type move was still made!

 As we continue to hunt and gather; no last stands like Custer out in Big Bear California like Christopher Dorner.. as we cross that border...dropping this good word and the groove is played!

No Hollywood stunts are played; some said its gotta be hood..out on Candler Rd in Decatur at The Big Bear supermarket...shoplifting like a crackhead...meanwhile we swing the Sonic Blackjack and prove was the method;  others were faking the funk! 

Its Gotta Be Good!! authentic!! but were among wannabe ATLiens talking about they're getting crunk! 

Checked the Deliberate Falsehood; ain't nobody got time for that!! so I limit the interactions! 

Already knowing what it do; no need for a State of the Union hating from I limit the distractions! 

Whats up with me? Maybe Tomorrow like the Jackson's I can tell you the whole story! 

Weather forecasters said the storm was coming; so ain't nobody got time for that!! seek shelter or you'll meet your glory!

Whatever said those seeking fame and glory!! like Nerlens Noel? ...soon out for the season...or facing the treason..they said ain't nobody got time for that!

Whatever they said!! whose following the by any means necessary theory? please!!  they might perpetrate a crime for that! 

Others were blind to the facts...that the block was hot!! while they were trying to catch up on their pimping!

 ....from Facebooking / Craiglisting to streets of the ATL;  visiting and revisiting dramas!!  please!!  ain't nobody got time for that!! its not a simple thing!


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