Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Progress was being made....but losing it due to the sequester? negativity can get the best of ya..I can see were not out of the woods yet! 

Stopping the stress was the Pope Benedict XVI some will step off...but were under lock down...please!!  were not out of these hoods yet! 

Check out how we kick it...not snitching like Bradley Manning; others are stopping the press due to breaking news; rolling like the print media was..a day or two behind! 

Stopping the mess due to jokers faking it?  impeding ya!!! please!! its gotta be good!! but whose really understanding?  check out the uphill struggle...the climb!

 A brotha has lost his mind!! reality breaking it?   those were the accusations that were being met! 

Waiting in the dark?  after being lost in the uphill climb out of the abyss..after choosing to take the assignment! 

Ethan Hunt mission impossible style!! check the Ghost Protocol;  but some look like a pro to y'all..but situations are still foul!! chilling down here in Dekalb County Georgia!

 Crooks are misbehaving!! as the fake ride!! now now we have Brookhaven and soon fantastic voyage like the sound will be..not trying to start with ya!

 ...Like states seceding after Obama won; they wanted no part of ya!! but they're not out of the woods yet! 

Still dipping through the Babylon wilderness...were not out of these hoods yet!

Whatcha on? not at the service desk returning holiday goods yet? soon refunded cash like Syrian rebels will get...

Whatcha on? needing a fresh and fresh vision...not out of these woods yet..check out what were dealing with..


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