Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When You Gotta Go? You Gotta Go!!

Seasons change..even though snow falls from the West to Midwest; reasons change; when you gotta go? you gotta go!

Like the Chinese hacking American companies..treasons change the whole perspective..whose disrespected?  please!! you gotta know!

Life's seasonings have some disconnected or detached..they were heard saying "ain't nobody got time for that"

 Reasons by Earth Wind and Fire plays in the background..for love, money, or power some will drop a dime for that!

 Actually... they'll use the Metro or Cricket prepaid phone; texting that whistle blowing information! 

Not blowing the whistle like Too Short talked about..a different type of transcending or transformation! 

All up in the sport...the mode of transportation? the mothership had me all over the galaxy! 

At the moment I'm trapped on earth; please!! I landed like the meteor in Russia;  now jokers are getting foul with me! 

The evil opponent or arch nemesis was flexing like they had control!!  when God is actually running everything!

 Something simple was made into a complex thing; now some will get whats coming to them!

 O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them..telling himself that its
gotta be good! 

Whats the dizzle?  we do our own thing; going there!! when you gotta go? you gotta go!! based on default settings?...I'm telling myself that its gotta be hood!

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