Saturday, February 09, 2013

Good Luck With That..Hope That Works For Ya PT.2

They told me how its supposed to go GOP on Benghazi;  ...what will the response be? I told them good luck with that!

Told them I hope that works for ya...but you the devil is opposed... per the old school baptist preacher;  plus were up in the spot where they're corrupt with that!

Plus the devil was in the details..he's hoping one fails....please!!  ain't nobody got time for that was mentioned on another post!

Now somebody is lying!!  talking about they're this and that;  as they brag and boast! 

.....talking about their swag is the most!!  ego and power tripping! 

Gunfire erupts like Christoper Dorner out in LA, plus dude had the dagger....good luck with that;  your toast if your caught slipping!

 ....before the shot clock expires? once caught in a / on the corner;  ...soon you caught us dipping out beyond Mars or Pluto! 

It got lonely out it got hot out there;  then it turned cold..then it starting snowing like in the Northeast.. weather forecasters / the media predicted inclement weather; but you have to go for what you know!

 Prayers and fasters know at the end of the day God will bless them! 

Its gotta be good!!  but hustlers and players said good luck with that ...hoping that it works for the meantime and between time  they placed their bets; but the apparatus will stress them!

Its gotta be hood..dude from Decatur Georgia told me..he was out there car jacking and home invading..but then he gets caught up in the system / matrix...

Now looking for a Jailbreak per iOS 5; told him good luck with that..hope it works for ya...meanwhile were Transmitting Live....O-Dizzle will take a beat and break it... 

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