Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Reset Button / Default Settings PT.3..Once Again

Mentioned earlier about hitting the reset button;  now I'm on default settings! 

I was knocked off balance...nobody would work with a bruh!  I tried to reach them but history keeps repeating!

Heavy artillery rocked the palace like the Taliban in Afghanistan!! whats up man? once a self defeating entity..but that won't work so I pushed the green button! 

Whats up man? now I'm back on that Louisville / Newburg stuff;  some know what I mean..another might say it ain't nothing! 

They should know something about it if they did the knowledge First 48 told the story! 

Similar to shootouts on the Las Vegas strip? or rolling like the Pistorius brothers in Pretoria?  some are ready to flip / trip...but I wasn't just local I'm international; actually intergalactic..while a fanatic stayed in their own purgatory! 

You may have heard their story bruh!! some jokers were belligerent talking a lot of nonsense! 

Some are tripping!! lost their Triple-A rating like Great they say they cant work with me; now that's funny...not knowing anything about how I run this!

They're tripping!! mad at me because I'm done with this and that..I had sense to hit the reset button...I was dealing with a bunch of foolishness!

Jumping and recognizing after I peeped game...I saw others crash out like at Daytona..but now I'm back on default settings; some say I act a fool with this! 

But I play on bruh!! not acting brand new with this..I'm the original man and an extraordinary one.

That's OMANXL1; a lot of folk I school with this..please!!! class is in session...check the Sonic Assault; settings are on default!!  I am not the one!

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