Friday, February 15, 2013

Making It Harder Than It Has To Be PT.3

It was supposed to be smooth sailing; easy like Sunday morning per the Commodores! 

But jokers conspire to make it harder than it has to be; like the Senate filibuster in the Hagel confirmation;  security heightens when we come through these doors! 

O-Zone tightens up like Archie Bell and the Drells!! working this thing!!  as he comes with these scores like ESPN or Fox Sports!

 O-Dizzle lightens up!! but its not hard to whats happeningwhose out there like “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius..O-Zone knows how it gets... but he still rocks in these sports! 

The apparatus knocks the hustle!! like Jesse Jackson Jr whose caught out there?  if a bruh aborts his mission they would be happy! 

Check the status....whats up with this rocking the baldy but the persona is that of a dread...or one whose hair is nappy! 

Reality will slap me upside the head!! but I swing back with the Sonic Blackjack! 

Those that tried to trap me?  they'll get whats coming to them!! and that's a fact! 

A revolutionary..back on the scene again!! intergalactic with it ...crashing to the earth like meteors hitting were feeling the pressure...fighting these jokers who make it harder than it has to be!

Like Republicans vs Obama...check the drama..some delay the evolutionary process..trying to make it hard for me! 

Act like you knew!!  intelligent designs plus industrial strength mechanical engineering take place!

Rebuking the social engineering;  jokers were making it harder than it has to be...answers were right in front of their face!

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