Sunday, February 10, 2013

Here We Are Again / Its Still Time For Transition

Here we go again;  typing on this was once the loose leaf and the black ink pen! 

.....Or maybe the blue one; not acting like a brand new one!! played like Christopher Dorner? some will check out what a black man is thinking! 

Here we go again....its still time for transition.. were back; its like the brothers on the block or corner drinking 40's;  whose drinking this verbal elixir? 

Word from O-Zone!! knowing where the borders or boundaries will French troops in Mali; meanwhile O-Dizzle is in a zone with the four track mixer! 

Beats? a brotha loops check this word from the danger zone.....the arch nemesis rolled on these Dekalb County it was even on the premises; I even had to call for back up! 

The stranger? he was just another clone that believed empty promises..that didn't go well;  now the mainframe gets hacked up! 

O-Dizzle has the banger!! its gotta be good..he never slacked up!! as he puts it down like this! 

The reign began with a check out the storm...its a super one like Sandy!!  as it goes down like this!

The clouds of suspicion were dark and heavy!! snow / hail were found like it is in the Northeast..NYC to Boston...whats the cost son? safe havens and safe harbors were sought!

Crowds protest!!  suspensions of rights and privileges like in Egypt ....for freedom battles are fought!

Rowdy is how were considered!!  Sonic Assaults with Blackjacks occur!

Going all out will be the plan...we're in time flies...its like a blur...

Check out the Its Time For Transition Mix


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