Saturday, February 23, 2013

Caught Out There / Once Again...Once Again

Damn!! we were just minding and tending...trying to handle our business;  now were caught out there!

Damn!! just good word dropping and beat blending..unlike the Vatican vs the media subliminal message sending concerning the Pope.. somebody was lying!!  like my daughter once said..its not fair! 

The system / matrix will get you one way or another!! rendering poetic justice per Drake and Kendrick Lamar?  for the course that's par...considering were just trying to get the basic essentials! 

.....trying to get food, clothing, and shelter.. the situation is helter skelter!! the scam? some fell for it!!  that's whats up when dealing with shady officials! 

Its gotta be good is my mantra!! but Dekalb County leadership was under attack...from the State of Georgia vs the school system to the Feds vs the CEO.. who'll understand a bruh as I put it down like this

Its gotta be hood!!  based on default settings...but were wise to the whole set up from Pistorius in Pretoria to shootouts in Las Vegas ...knowing where being caught out there can take we bring the funky sound like this! 

Check the Sonic Assault; please!!  you might have found this brother swinging the blackjack at heathens!

 Its our response to it!! the Natalie Cole hell that's caught!! what was taught / what do you believe in? 

The system / matrix was deceiving them and those!!! they're even  making you part of their solution or part of their problem!

 How you living?  fake with it based on media programming!! but O-Dizzle wasn't slow jamming..he was rocking! 

But hustle knocking seemed to be the order of the day;  its business as usual!

 Now most of us are caught out there!! but to the system its not unusual!

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