Sunday, February 17, 2013

Regular Rotation PT.3

Not trying to be like Top 40 or so called Hip Hop radio stations with the regular rotation! 

Not fronting or flexing..still the last of a dying collar style with a regular vocation! 

The pursuit of a dollar makes the situation foul!! currency wars were ignored by G20...true indeed!! there's no indication that things will change!

Check the regular rotation....whats up money? some protest about climate change;  actually things seem to be getting its not strange!

Dirty play like Danny Ainge back in the day?  whose back in the way? now mismanagement with the Boston Celtics! 

Check this word play plus O-Dizzle beats bang; whose checking for us?  like restoration of the alcohol content of Makers Mark; hopefully somebody felt this! 

If its a bad hand? gamblers out for a fast buck dealt this!!  but we take lemons and make lemonade! 

Ramblers off at the mouth were pawns of the enemy!! like the leaked White House immigration plan; some are unknowing participants in the charade! 

The Smoke and Mirrors Mix by O-Dog played in the background; to let folk know what it do!

The inside joke concerning horror and terror left some without a clue! 

Others act like they knew this!!  but then they get hit up with the blitz! 

Baltimore Raven style!!  Ed Reed or Ray Lewis!! some find out how rude it is;  they were all about the glamour and glitz!

I chill out down here in Atlanta..eating fish and grits at Ron and Gladys...over by Stonecrest Mall

Check our regular rotation putting the real out;  O-Dog and O-Zone are on this y'all!

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