Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Its Crazy

Checking out how everything is flowing...whatcha knowing?  damn!! its crazy! 

...Mentioned earlier in my combo meal ....please!! Nascar or Daytona 500 fans injured in the crash know the deal...so actually it doesn't amaze me! 

Word from Dekalb County school board members clashing with Nathan Shady Deal its crazy out here...that's the deal..but actually some are still lazy / slacking..while I was putting work in! 

....Old school blue collar style with the name on the uniform!! but everything is not working!

 An old fool tried to holla!! like Donny Hathaway.. said everything is everything!! but hurting...the weed and Kentucky brown liquor were part of the medication! 

An old rule is broken...things weren't natural..no way!! the weed was synthetic;  plus bath salts were part of the equation! 

Its Crazy!! no joking!!  so what you facing? please!! the devil wasn't sympathetic;  that's the way of the world per Earth Wind and Fire!
 ...Or maybe the Ramsey Lewis version; whichever one is working ....like the Doors..one that Lights the fire! 

Understand me....act like you knew this!! word from one that will inspire you to deal with it! 

Understand me..one whose in conflict with the world..its crazy;..as we wonder who'll be real with it?

Understand me..as conflicts rage around the world...it goes down from the Gaza Strip to over in Zimbabwe..

Its going down...in the meantime and between ...a brotha flips this good word and lets the music play....

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