Sunday, February 10, 2013

Moving Forward; After Jumping and Recognizing..

 So whats up?  I had a these Random Thoughts are collected! 

Moving forward..spotted the evil opponent..after Jumping and  situations I'm rectifying;  to the higher power?  I stay connected! 

Jumping to conclusions after recognizing the pattern;  now responding with beats that are perfected per Afrika Bambaataa! 

Plus hitting the masses up with this good word;  similar the Jamaican Rohan who said he had the good herb..but I'm not trying to start with ya!

 It'll get hot for ya..rewards are offered for your capture..after believing in the American dream like Christopher Dorner..soon disappointed!

 Caught out there!! having lucid dreams like Jared Loughner!!  soon you missed your appointment!    

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Moving Forward; After Jumping and Recognizing..

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