Monday, February 11, 2013

The Workshop (Part Two)

I mentioned earlier...class is in session!! this is the workshop! 

I mentioned earlier...I was the last of a dying collar...I paid attention...the product wasn't diluted  like Makers the funk will blast from the seminar; this type of work is hot!

Plus the word is hot from the messenger..check the authorities want to shoot him!

Plus I checked the hostile takeover of like fracking brine dumped in Youngstown sewers..jokers just pollute them!

 No hot style makeover needed!! wasn't at Grammys 2013; didn't even watch we get down!!  problems?  I get to the root of them until they are solved!

 Not fake over here; watch it...damned me if I did or didn't...but some problems solve themselves when God is involved! 

Its not odd that fires are fully involved; that's per fireman's lingo! 

Fires burn like garment factories or workshops in Bangladesh; before merchandise is shipped to gringos! 

Earning singles...maybe a couple of dollars more; while Americans get funky fresh in garments from Wal-Mart and the Gap!

 Learning anything from these good words not trying to sing those!! dropping knowledge....check the spoken word or rap! 

As we close the gap; blue collar style!! all up in the workshop! 

The devil is opposed to that and this!! as we holla atcha with the good word that's hot!

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