Thursday, February 07, 2013

The Devil Was In The Details!

I heard what was said!!  plus there's no facebook deactivation..I read the whole contract; the devil was in the details!

 I knew how they were going to play a brotha!! there's no benevolence!! I'm knowing how the devil gets with a brotha;  like Obama..they're hoping that he fails!

But he prevails!! but I deal with fans that are hardcore;  even if their team loses! 

A joker tailgates at hells gate!! eating food prepared by chefs in hells kitchen; then they wonder why their team loses!

 Oh yeah!! they won a lot of games but lose in the playoffs like the Atlanta Falcons! 

Beat by the 49ers...who then lose to the Ravens; whose misbehaving? oh yeah haters run a lot of games!!! my peeps stray off paths; distracted!! I didn't understand those foul ones! 

Whose misbehaving? old girl in Decatur Georgia will dial nines and ones on the rotary phone; ready to snitch on somebody!

 Drama will unfurl in your local danger zone..from the ATL to up in Louisville / Newburg a ditch they found a body! 

Whats the deal?  Jesse Jackson said I am somebody;  then I looked at the job description! 

The devil was up in the details!! like US Drone attacks..check the Deliberate Falsehood; whose victimized by the deception? 

To another level a brotha is trying to take it up!! Sonic Blackjacks hit up naysayers..due to the bad reception that was received when I kicked it with them! 

The vibe wasn't right!! they weren't checking for me;  thought I was trying to get slick with them! 

I didn't get sick with them; they're I read the contract! 

The devil was in the details;  meanwhile we set sail out in the galaxy; intergalactic with it.. we kept it moving;  we might be hard to contact!

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