Saturday, February 16, 2013

Its Cold Outside But The Air Conditioning Is On

Its cold outside here in Atlanta..the temperature is in the 30's ...but the air conditioning is on in this building! 

Its a cold world!!  like meteors landing in Russia / Siberia;  but some are hungry and thirsty...said its no fear in ya!! your not yielding!

I was hip to the scheme / plot;  G20 is acting funny with the money; plus I spotted workers welding and blow torching the structure!! while authorities in San Bernardino talked about shooting burners!

Dorner_Christopher_LAPD_Uni_1360720515163.jpg Christopher Dorner for being out of order;  scorching the structure after corrupting a brotha!!  but jokers these days are slow learners! 

They didn't earn this by doing the knowledge...especially since its Black History Month....they thought they were entitled..but damn!!  I saw a poster with a brotha who was rolling with the Confederates..whats up with it? they didn't recognize the pattern! 

....then jumping to conclusions; soon Negroes are bumping heads with institutions from the Louisville to the ATL;  from Pluto to Saturn! 

Total Chaos and confusion are bruising and battering egos out there!! conditioning the masses! 

Taking a loss is more than an option;  no win or triumph like on the Carnival Triumph; its cold outside!! plus the air conditioning is on!! inside a joker prays and fasts! 

Please!! the conditioning of a clone is adjusted when class is in session! 

O-Dizzle swings the Sonic Blackjack;  get back jack!! plus some will get whats coming to them...check the sonic aggression!

Whats the dizzle jack?  some are freezing like Russians with windows blown out after the meteor hit..

Its cold outside..but the air conditioning is on in the a joker had a fan on in his cubicle...whats up with it?

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