Thursday, February 21, 2013

Some Might Know The Deal; The Saga / Struggle Continues

Once again its on!! the saga / struggle continues; maybe somebody knows what I'm talking about! 

They said word up like Cameo....whatcha know?  others were in denial like zombies..they stalked about! 

Like an episode of Walking Dead on AMC...but whats the real deally? jokers get "white chalked out" from Pretoria to the ATL...

Whats the mode? we're all misled; whats the word on the curb? per Oscar Pistorius or  Hilton Botha? ....not a pretty picture...some are hoping that you fail...
Zombies Apocalypse with the bath salts and synthetic marijuana fueling it?  is that what its all about? some folk act like it!

Whats the response to those and these? were rocking this!! the saga / struggle continues..math is taught as we teach some a lesson..its no joke..were serious!! we have to fight that!

Whats that? the ongoing spiritual warfare..its like Damascus...they had us on the front lines!

 Whatcha knowing? some might ask us...please!! at the end of the day?  we had to do what we had to do!! the system tried to front on mine!

Whatcha knowing? every possible obstacle was in front of mine...progress was delayed...

Some might know the the cyber theft of US trade secrets by the Chinese...please!! they already knew about the charade.. 

Some might know the the saga / struggle continues...the funk is played and this good word is dropped...

Some might know the deal..a brotha is checking these menus to see whats next..we kept it moving...we never quit and we never stopped..  

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