Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Behind The Scenes PT.2

It was going down behind the scenes!! please!! just check the smoke and mirrors; what we see is just a charade! 

Its going down!! but don't lose your mind...the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in the air? they were just a parade! 

Some are flexing like North Korea nuclear tests; the ground shakes like its an earthquake!

 Some were fracking like in the Youngstown Ohio area;  as the ground shakes like an earthquake! 

Phone hacking lead to iPhone 5 and 6 jailbreaks!! now some think they're all this and all that! 

Zone hacking like the Chinese Army? while zone jacking led to turf wars from the West Bank to the ATL;  wannabes / fakes think they're all this and that! 

Clones lacking a fresh vision?...they get smashed like meteors hitting Russia!

 O-Zone is macking!! catching up on his pimping!! but nobody was checking for me...so I even felt the pressure! 

Another hot mess from ya bruh?  that's what a naysayer asked.. laughing!

 But we put it down like this!!  check the funk we drop;  plus the math we bring!

Check the path were taking...low key with it...everything was happening behind the scenes...

Check the staff that's faking like Republicans and Ted Cruz...meanwhile up in the mothership these brothas are cruising...were ready to roll...after observing the scene... 

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