Saturday, August 03, 2013

Caught Up In The Drama / Suspense (But Lessons Are Taught )

Its business as usual; all up in the spot!! like US terror warnings in the Mideast...were caught up in the drama / suspense! 

As we deal with this;  some are bankrupt like Detroit...the apparatus had us coming and going!! check out the ongoing reign of terror for those who wonder whats up with this!!

Check the status...contracts are null and void.. the system is corrupt with this!! from Sanford Florida to the Fruitvale Station out in Oakland!

 That's per Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant; drama royalty aka kings and queens aka actresses and actors get an Oscar for that!! if they were able to get open! 

Whistle blowing like Edward Snowden now chilling in Russia!! but the system said thanks but no thanks!

 Whatcha knowing?  I even felt the pressure...but what you see is what you get!! that's per the Dramatics and Ron Banks!  

Whatcha knowing?  it is what it is somebody said!! but it stanks like the smoking Stankin Lankin aka old school Lincoln Continental thats burning oil over on Candler Road in Decatur Georgia! 

Whatcha knowing?  caught up in the drama and suspense!! lessons are taught...word from a Louisville / Newburg brotha chilling in Decatur Georgia! 

They said I act like I'm from here!! I told them Newburg and Decatur have the same swag or steelo! 

As we go there!! worldwide?  its still rough for a Negro! 

Checking out these earthlings...if there's a hell below?  were all gonna go;  that's per Curtis Mayfield!

Check out how I work things..I'm chilling out;  letting the hustlers hustle and the players play the field!

Carrying a shield with my sword of truth...I also had the sonic blackjack!

During the ongoing drama and suspense?  lessons are taught..check out how some will get what's coming to them;  the bad karma comes back!

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