Thursday, August 01, 2013

Ready To Roll / Ready To Go / Ret To Go

Observing the scene; not trying to get caught up like A-Rod...I'm chilling out;  trying to stay out of the chaos and confusion!

Whats heard or seen? maybe even felt?  from winning / cooling out today to rolling in Olds Delta 88 days before it threw a rod...sometimes taking a loss / losing! 

You heard?  a little while ago cruising on Delta Jets 787 but not the Dreamliner! 

West Coasting from the ATL to Oakland!! still stressed though!! so I'm not bragging and boasting; New Birth told you about Dream Merchants;  working with a dream finder?

....out in the mainstream of mathematics; soon in a file, folder or binder due to NSA XKeyscore program shenanigans!

Whose on your team?  fanatics challenge Eric Holder threatening impeachment;  legal eagles or hooligans? 

Whose on your team?  I'm down with Newburg or Louisvillians;  champions!!  so I'm acting brand new again! 

Soon ready to roll or "ret to go" ...whichever lingo your choosing! 

We didn't roll with a gringo!! they'll have you waiting in the dark ..meanwhile NASA tries to retrieve our spaceship like an asteroid as we cruise the galaxy! 

The fire is fully involved per fireman's lingo..we were able to expose the fallacy! 

I didn't mingle with jokers like Robert Mugabe getting foul with me; I peeped their game from the get go!

Check out the jingle / catch phrase / cliche..we kept it moving; were ready to roll...ready to go..or "ret to go"




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